Personal Injury Enquiries

Personal Injury Enquiry Generation and Marketing Solutions

Helping solicitors with enquiry generation is PCC’s core business.

First and foremost it’s important to understand that PCC is not a Claims Management Company, we do not generate claims and are therefore not required to be regulated by the Ministry of Justice.

What PCC does is to provide consultancy services to Claims Management Companies or CMC’s. That includes assisting and advising them on compliance with the MoJ regulations and of course solicitors practice rules, but also helping them to build strong long term supplier relationships with solicitors.

In turn PCC also provides consultancy services to solicitors, which in many cases includes recommending CMC’s who fit their particular requirements in terms of accident types and of course pricing.

From April 2013 with the implementation of the Referral Fee Ban, the relationship between CMC’s and solicitors has changed significantly. PCC has been involved in managing the transition between referral based business models and marketing based business models which comply with the requirements of the new LASPO Act.

There are still a number of different types of marketing opportunities available to solicitors at the moment, which can be broadly categorised as follows:

  • Joint Marketing Arrangements
  • Collective Marketing Arrangements
  • Online Advertising Schemes
  • Internet and Direct Marketing Solutions
  • To find out more about the different types of arrangement please have a look at the individual pages.