Medical Reports and Rehab

Securing quality Medico – Legal Reports and Rehabilitation services is a key area for all solicitor practices.

The market is competitive and there are many service providers of all sizes to choose from.

Most will offer deferred credit terms on reports and direct billing as part of the AMRO and Insurer Protocols agreed, however you should be aware that not all Medical Agencies are the same. Given the largely fixed cost nature of the market a number of Agencies have squeezed customer service and the availability of certain GP’s and Consultants to save costs and increase profits. It is important therefore to choose an Agency which doesn’t cut costs and allows you to select the GP’s and Consultants that you want, to give your clients the best possible expert evidence and service.

PCC has a long standing relationships with a number of the country’s leading Medical Agencies, to provide Medical Reports and Rehabilitation services to firms.

Medical Agency services should include:

Predefined Service Charter

  • Service Charter
  • Communication Standards

Nationwide Network of Experts and Clinics

  • Experts under strictly monitored service criteria
  • Medical Expert database constantly refined
  • Advice line available for Experts

Empowered and Friendly Staff

  • Fast and effective decisions

Leading Edge Technology

  • Proclaim Medico Legal systems
  • Live case viewing and Data Exchange upon request
  • Digital medical notes storage
  • Client appointment reminders by SMS texting

Medical Reports

  • Unique 27 point check to ensure optimum quality and CPR compliance

Clear Pricing Policy

  • AMRO and Insurer Protocols agreed
  • Direct billing to Insurers on Protocol cases
  • Deferred terms

Please contact PCC  to discuss your Medical Reporting or Rehabilitation requirements.