Personal Injury Lawyers – Referral Fee Proof – Online Advertising Scheme

Are you looking to increase the number of personal injury claims and are you wondering how to that after next April? 

Personal Injury Lawyers is now offering personal injury solicitors the opportunity to secure the exclusive advertising rights to all enquiries generated in your postcode. 

Personal Injury Lawyers is the UK’s largest network of Personal Injury websites, with over 80 websites generating over 40,000 new unique visitors each month – and rising. We are ranked on the first page of Google for over 300 personal injury keywords – that’s more than National Accident Helpline, Injury Lawyers 4 U and First 4 Lawyers put together* 

With the Referral Fee ban on the horizon, Personal Injury Lawyers has now changed its business model to allow personal injury solicitors to generate direct enquiries in their local area under an adverting contract – which means No Referral Fees. 

This is brand new approach for them, launched on the 15th October – This is different from the Referral Fee model they’ve operated previously and as such they can’t make any promises about visitor or enquiry numbers. What they can say, is that they think their network of websites get more personal injury visitors than any other, and as such, being the exclusive postcode solicitor featured on all their websites will put you in a prime position. With the Referral Fee ban on the horizon, this type of advertising will become increasingly important to help generate enquiries and to help customers to find your website. With Personal Injury Lawyers network of websites, you know you will be joining one of the market leaders. 

How does it Work?

 As the exclusive advertising solicitor in your postcode, you will receive all enquiries generated by their network of over 80 websites, with 40,000 visitors each month. These will include all online enquiries as well as all telephone enquiries. They do not sell these enquiries to you; they are simply passed to you to deal with.  

  • In addition, they will build a Profile Page on their websites for your firm – which will also refer any visitors in your postcode directly to your own website – increasing your own website traffic at the same time.  

How much does it Cost? 

  • Pricing is determined by postcode, population density and visitor numbers. The price for postcodes varies between £195+VAT and £595+VAT  

How do you secure your exclusive advertising position? 

  • They will only deal with one firm in each postcode area but you can secure more than one postcode if you like.
  •  The first firm to commit to the advertising contract will secure the exclusive arrangement. 

For a Brochure or any further information please contact me for details. PCC is the exclusive distributor for this new opportunity.

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