Clinical Negligence Enquiries available

The latest NHS Annual Report revealed that the number of new Clinical Negligence claims rose by 10.8% during 2012/13 to 10,129 cases, a 66% increase over the past 4 years.

Spending on Clinical Negligence claims rose to £1.2b in the same period.

The increase has been blamed on the end of Legal Aid, but in the light of the recent Keogh Review into hospital death rates it may just be a sign that the general public has lost faith in the NHS are more inclined to bring a claim for negligence. In turn many firms are increasing their expertise in the area of Clinical Negligence claims and in turn many are looking for ways to increase their marketing activity to generate new enquires.

The Clinical Negligence Advice Helpline is a well established marketing company, who have been successfully marketing both on line and offline for Clinical Negligence enquiries, for many years. Firms on the panel pay a monthly Marketing Fee and in return Clinical Negligence Advice Helpline generates enquiries on a carousel basis. A number of firms have been using the scheme to market enquiries for many years now, helping them build successful Clinical Negligence Departments.

If you would like to know more about the scheme, please contact PCC for more details.

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